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Need assistance to go back to vote?
Want to
sponsor Malaysian voters?

Explore our crowdfunding platform for GE15

Welcome to the #UndiBanjir voter crowdfunding page. There are two ways to donate or receive funds. 

  1. If you prefer to receive or donate funds directly, try our peer-to-peer (p2p) crowdfunding platform. You will need to perform your own safety measures and verification when sending or receiving funds. 

  2. If you prefer to donate to the fund operated by UndiRabu, please use the links below, so that the #UndiBanjir team does the work of sorting, verifying and disbursing funds to those who need it.

Anchor 1 udirabu

#UndiRabu raised funds to help voters go back to vote in GE14 in 2018. #UndiRabu is doing the same for GE15, focusing on first-time voters and students.

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