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What is the objective of #UndiBanjir?

#UndiBanjir is a collective of nonpartisan, rakyat-led initiatives that aims to help as many Malaysians as possible vote in the country’s fifteenth general election safely. 


Is #UndiBanjir a registered society or NGO?

No. We are just a group of dedicated individuals working together to help out as best we can during this time.


Is #UndiBanjir affiliated with any political party?

No, we are not.




How does #UndiBanjir select its aid recipients?

To receive funds from #UndiBanjir, applicants must fill in this form or use our crowdfunding platform, taking care to make sure all the information provided is as complete and accurate as possible in order to assist us in the verification process. 


Why must I provide so much information?

This information is necessary to prevent fraud and make sure aid is given to recipients that truly need it. 


Does how I plan to vote impact my ability to receive aid?

No, it does not. Your vote is private information and we do not ask for this when evaluating your application.


Why was my request for aid rejected?

There are several possible reasons for rejection, but most common among them is that we did not have adequate information to verify your request. 


Is my donation secure?

With #UndiBanjir, you can vote in one of two ways: You can select from a list of people who are requesting aid and directly donate to them, or you can donate to the #UndiBanjir fund and our team will do the work of ensuring the money goes to verified recipients. If you choose to donate to someone directly, we advise you to use your due diligence and take appropriate steps to make sure your money is being used for its intended purpose. If you choose to donate to the fund, we can assure you that, just as during #GE14, the accounts being used are monitored and audited for full transparency.


Is carpooling safe?

#UndiBanjir merely lists drivers and riders for the convenience of those looking for possible transport options. The decision to carpool is one every individual must decide for themself. We ask that you take the time to evaluate the risks and truly vet any potential ridesharers before agreeing to carpool. 




Are all the listings on your site verified?

We do our best to verify each and every initiative on this site, but we still advise you to use your own discretion before donating or helping out.


How do you verify your listings?

We use a set of internal requirements to vet each listing. 


Why do you need to verify the listings?

Verification is required in order to protect our users, as well as to protect ourselves from abuse.


Can you list my NGO/group on your site?

If you have an initiative that helps flood victims, please fill in this form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


I have a question about a particular initiative listed on your site.

#UndiBanjir does not manage any of the NGOs or initiatives listed on this site. We advise you to contact them directly if you have any questions.



I have another question that isn’t answered here/there is an error on the site!

Please let us know at

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